Classic Parisian Chicken Salad with a Twist: Apples and Celery and Mint, Oh My!

Parisian Chicken Salad with celery, apples and mint on a bed of greenleaf lettuce. Celery and apples are two ingredients I can eat any time. The crunch, the flavor, the freshness of a juicy bite of  either one of these lovelies works for me in any one of a hundred ways. I add them to all kinds of things, and most particularly love them raw and fresh in [...]

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Vegetable Garden Medley in an End of August Omelet

It's Labor Day weekend, and the summer is coming to an end. The sky has begun to turn that deep blue at the end of the season. The morning air is clear and crisp and cool like the first bite of a perfect apple. Everywhere the signs of abundant harvest and turning seasons greet the eye. Thistledown puffs float in the wind, scudding up the slope on gentle gusts of [...]

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Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipe With Homemade Tortillas – YUM!

This year I've finally gotten the whole “soaked grains thing” down. We've been getting our raw pastured milk now for going on three years, and after mastering the art of whey making and an extensive exploration into fermented goodies like pickles, sauerkraut and carrots and ginger (my personal fave) it was time to get serious about soaking grains. Now, I had done the “beans thing” - in fact I've been [...]

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Butternut Squash Soup Recipe – A Winter Soup to Warm Your Soul

Some people just cannot stand winter. The dark, the cold, the endless dreary grey skies... They all combine to just be more than these people can manage and so they plan get-aways, go south for the season, or relocate permanantly to places where winter never comes. Not me. Oh, I've lived a good portion of my life where winter never comes, but I grew weary of the season-lessness of it [...]

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Homemade Raw Milk Ice Cream Recipe

Homemade Raw Milk Ice Cream topped with Strawberries, Blueberries, and Coconut Flakes There is nothing like homemade cold creamy raw milk ice cream to beat back a hot summer afternoon or top off a wonderful light summer supper. So delicious and so healthy! This is truly a homemade ice cream recipe, we use most of the ingredients in their raw form and from local sources. We use raw [...]

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Homemade Hummus: The Perfect Summer Dip

There's nothing like fresh garden vegetables and a perfect homemade hummus dip to brighten up a hot afternoon or compliment a light summer supper. This homemade hummus recipe is ultra smooth, creamy, super healthy and super cheap to make. The most expensive ingredients are the tahini and the extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, but you use so little of them that one jar of tahini (anywhere from $5 to $9 [...]

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