Could this Ancient Nut be the Super Food the Modern World has been Waiting for?

//Could this Ancient Nut be the Super Food the Modern World has been Waiting for?

Could this Ancient Nut be the Super Food the Modern World has been Waiting for?

The Coconut Bible Front Cover

The Coconut Bible by Annie Deeter, released January 2015 by Galahad Press

Learn how the coconut can heal the brain, repair the skin, improve digestion and combat aging. And that’s just the start.

Discover the legends of the ‘tree of life’ as well as its ancient and more recent history. Follow the trail of its precious oil from its early 20th century rise to fame and fortune through its ultimate demise as a food crop by the mid 20th century and triumphant re-birth as a miraculous healing food in modern times.

One of the oldest plant forms on earth, the coconut has been providing healthy food and drink as well as medicinal remedies for humans for thousands of years. Discover its truly unique properties which make it ideally suited for providing sustenance, protecting against infection and pathogens as well as the superior healing support of its oil when applied topically to, speed recovery from burns and wounds.

Coconut is not only a great healer, it is also a delicious healthy addition to any diet. You’ll find dozens of recipes in The Coconut Bible for everything from beverages to salads, dressings, soups, entrees, side dishes and desserts. There’s even a complete recipe section for body, skin and hair care treatments. The Coconut Bible will have you using coconut in everything from breakfast to dinner and as part of your daily skin care regime in no time at all.

Each recipe provides all the information and insights you need to take on and successfully create delicious dishes, healing salves, lotions and soothing remedies for your entire body. You won’t be struggling to know what to do next, as Annie takes you by the hand and walks you through every step from start to finish, giving you the confidence to take on new recipes and experiences and achieve perfect results every time.  You’ll feel as if she is right there in the kitchen with you as you create delicious salads, soups, entrees and desserts, or whip up a rich remoisturizing hair treatment.  Everything you need to know about using all of the coconut, from water to milk, butter, meat and even coconut flour and how to make them all from fresh or dried coconut right in your own kitchen. There’s even a section on coconut shell activated charcoal and its many medicinal uses.

Fully indexed and including an extensive bibliography, this book will provide you with useful information for years to come. The complete coconut reference guide, this book really is The Coconut Bible. Available now, in print or as a digital Kindle eBook format on Amazon.

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