Juicing with the Omega Juicer

//Juicing with the Omega Juicer

Juicing with the Omega Juicer

Juicing with the Omega Juicer Book

Available as Paperback or Kindle

Juicing with the Omega Juicer – Nourish and Detox Your Body for Health and Vitality is a comprehensive guide to using your Omega Juicer for increased health and nutrition. Covering everything from different types of juicers, and the benefits of masticating juicers to sections on managing your budget, setting a schedule, proper storage of fresh juices and more. This guide provides everything you need to know to be on your way to a successful juicing plan with your Omega juicer.

The book includes an in-depth reference section detailing the specific nutrient content and health benefits of some 50 vegetables, fruits, and herbs. There is even a section on newbie juicer mistakes as well as tips for care and maintenance of your Omega juicer.

Written in a light, humorous and conversational style, you will find this an easy and enjoyable read as you learn the tricks and techniques to master successful juicing.

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When it comes right down to it, our bodies and our brains crave foods which are naturally very high in nutrition and which have tastes which reflect this high nutritive value.

Just because our brains and taste buds have been tricked into eating substitutions which are full of air and void of nutrition does not mean our apparatus is defective. Indeed, quite the contrary is true.

One of the great benefits and joys of juicing is that the further down the road of juicing you go the more your brain and palate will provide you with the absolute undeniable positive feedback that they LIKE THIS STUFF and YOU SHOULD DO MORE OF IT! It is incredible how, after only a short time, you will find yourself craving these juices rather than the artificial foods and food products which have captured your palate, your brain and your pocketbook for the last several decades at least.

On the other side of this coin are the bitters. Bitter vegetables, plants, herbs, and foods hold an important and historically powerful place in our digestion and overall health. Yet, for the most part, our modern palates have been trained away from bitter. Well, unless we want to talk about coffee, that is!

But for most people, organically grown pungent celery and the bitter greens (mustards, collard, kale etc.) taste unpleasantly bitter and are not something they are rushing out to purchase and consume large quantities of, because, well… they’re bitter!

However, it is precisely their bitter qualities which make these foods the cleansing, purgative, nutritionally important foods they are.

So, for most people the idea of juicing things like barley grass, celery, kale or collard greens is nothing short of unappealing. Anyone who has had a majorly strong green juice knows that there is a level of pungent ‘green’-ness which goes over the top, fills your sinuses and can actually make you gag. Or, as one juicing enthusiast wrote when describing how to deal with this problem “How to make a green juice that doesn’t feel like a face plant in the lawn.” – Indeed.

And yet, we know the greens in these green juices are what make them so healthy and vital for us.

Our advice?

When you start juicing, do not try to go to the far extremes of green juicing as your first step.

Recognize that your palate has been shaped by forces beyond your control in the short-term immediate past, and go slow. The best and easiest way we found to do this is to start with a basic juice of carrot, celery and orange or apple. 1 medium orange or 2 small apples, 4 medium carrots and 4 medium stalks of celery make a nice 12oz. drink for one person….

Head over to Amazon and grab a copy of the book to read more!

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