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heirloom tomoato juice

Simply Divine Summer Cocktail

Course: Drinks
On a hot summer day there is nothing quite as satisfying and purely delicious as this heirloom tomato juice cocktail.


  • 1 lb cherry, heirloom or specialty tomatoes*
  • 1 lb lemon cucumber 1 to 2 medium large
  • 4 oz celery 3 to 4 small stalks
  • 2 oz carrot 1 small carrot
  • 1 oz fresh basil 1 large sprig
  • 2 oz fresh parsley a few large sprigs


  1. Scrub the carrot. Rinse all the produce, and remove ends of celery if especially dirty. Shake out basil and parsley well. Cut cukes lengthwise into strips. Cut large tomatoes into chunks to fit into juicer.
  2. Juicing Order: tomatoes, cucumber, basil, parsley, celery, carrot. Finishing with the celery and carrot will get all the bits of the softer ingredients through the juicer and into the juice.

Recipe Notes

* a mix of Berkeleys, Aunt Ruby's and Gold Nugget is absolutely out of this world.

You can certainly substitute regular cucumbers for the lemon cucumber if you cannot find lemon cucumbers, but if you do, then add half a fresh lemon to the juice to brighten it up.