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Hawthorn Berry Tincture



  • 1 clean jar with a sealing lid
  • Hawthorn berries to fill to 1 inch below the top of the jar
  • Everclear or 90-proof vodka or
  • organic white vinegar enough to cover the berries


  1. Fill a clear glass jar with fresh clean berries and cover with ever-clear, 90-proof unflavored vodka or organic white vinegar if you wish to have alcohol-free tinctures.

  2. The tincture will need to cure for 4 to 6 weeks in a cool dark cupboard. I just set mine in the lower portion of our dining room hutch, so it's out of the kitchen and away from the heat of cooking.

  3. This afternoon all you need to do is fill the jar to one inch below the rim, pour in the alcohol or white vinegar until the berries are just covered, and seal the jar with a good airtight lid and place it in your cupboard.

  4. Shake it at least weekly for the duration of its stay in the cupboard and watch it turn from clear to brilliant red as time elapses.

    hawthorn tincture in mason jar